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Marcus Knightley partners with clients to identify, recruit, and hire world-class professionals leveraging our proprietary processes and technology. We provide these services on a retained, contingency or PSL search basis.


Marcus Knightley partners with job boards to ensure candidates on the open job market have the best chance of seeing your job and applying. We believe alternative candidate attraction strategies will prevail in a competitive job market.


Marcus Knightley sources and qualifies candidates for clients who would prefer to handle full service recruiting in-house. We provide flexible sourcing solutions in which employers are qualified candidate resumes in accordance with industry leading SLA.


Marcus Knightley is an approved vendor of personality profile assessments through Thomas International. Understanding behavioural tendencies, preferences, strengths, and areas for development. Often utilised in various contexts such as career development, team building, and personal growth.

Meeting Room

If a business does not have an exclusive contract with a recruitment company, then the contingency approach will allow for a broader perspective on the skills and experience of candidates from many different recruitment consultants.

Through meeting with multiple key relevant stakeholders within each business, MK can develop a full understanding of the business’ operations in order to source and identify candidates that fit from a technical and cultural standpoint, in a pro-active and pressing manner. 

We use regular advertising and marketing campaigns to attract the highest calibre of candidates who are seeking a move to meet their qualifications and aspirations. All candidates are interviewed by MK directly and references are provided upon the client’s request.


Choose a search firm that puts you first



Marcus Knightley carry out referencing on behalf of employers to save time. We confirm employment history, skills and character through a structured appraisal process. This is incorporated into our end-to-end solution.


Marcus Knightley identifies and places on-demand, on-site, flexible workforce for your immediate project needs. We provide these services based on a mutually agreed upon, hourly or day, resource rate card.


Marcus Knightley is committed to meeting our client and candidate needs in the most flexible and cost-effective way possible. Our consulting solutions include but are not limited to: research, leadership development, vendor management and personalised career coaching. 


Marcus Knightley deliver expert hiring solutions across EMEA. In today's marketplace, growing companies are facing serious challenges in finding the right talent. So, it’s more important than ever for companies to understand the opportunity a global recruitment strategy can provide.

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